Ham question....

I'm an experience cook but I rarely "do" ham. What's a good basic ham to get? Honey Baked? Costco imitation? Trader Joe's? I am open to suggestions. Thanks!

Pat E. in SLO


luvcookbooks December 10, 2013
Agree w both answers above. Remember to glaze the ham (score the fat). I use some kind of fruit preserve with whisky and mustard. Cloves and pineapple look pretty but the clove is overwhelming and the pineapple a little insipid.
Auburn M. December 10, 2013
Look to see if you have a local butcher shop/meat processor and get a local one. If you can't find one easily, check localharvest.org to find nearby local farmers who will either have a ham or will know where you can find one. Otherwise, you're supporting the worst animal welfare practices. Also, spiral cut sounds like a great idea, but the meat will dry more quickly if you're not careful.
CHeeb December 10, 2013
In my local groceries,Cook's ,Smithfield,and Luster brands have all baked well for me. I buy butts and shoulders,not spiral cut, low sodium when I can find them and never miss the salt.Smoked hams are plenty salty on their own.I bake them 20 minutes a pound at 325 degrees in an open turkey pan. I also try to stay in the 10 pound range . The choices of uses for leftovers makes it my favorite roast,especially during the holidays. Good luck!!!
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