sour cream problem

i mistakenly put container of sour cream in freezer instead of fridge when unloading groceries. i thawed it last night in fridge. will it be okay to use? taste okay? function the same etc?

  • Posted by: mcd2
  • December 10, 2013


petitbleu December 11, 2013
I would say it should be fine for cooking purposes, and most likely for using as a topping. While separation did occur, the flavor shouldn't be disagreeable (of course, you're in a better position to verify this than I am!). Try making a sour cream pound cake or using it in pancakes. Or, for a savory use, make a dip with it and caramelized red onions.
mcd2 December 10, 2013
not sure what its for yet-bought as staple. it's curdled and separated into whey and tiny curds. i stirred it and it doesn't mix back into previous form. package doesn't give fat percentage.
any suggestions? it's 16 oz carton.
CookOnTheFly December 10, 2013
What are you going to use it in? Depends on how much fat is in the product.
HalfPint December 10, 2013
Should be fine. Lots of fat, so it's rather forgiving.
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