Blueberry Pie topping

I am making a blueberry pie for guests coming tonight. The recipe suggests topping it with whipped cream. I have sour cream, and do not have whipping cream. Can I sweeten the sour cream just a little bit, maybe with some lemon zest and use that as a topping of will it be weird? I can get whipping cream but the sour cream was bought for a recipe I didn't make so has no designated use and I would be happy to use it up.

C Sangueza


C S. July 1, 2016
I stirred brown sugar into the sour cream and I thought it was fantastic, just barely sweet and a little tangy. The guests brought vanilla ice cream and that was the more popular choice.
Nancy July 1, 2016
Thanks for telling us how your blueberry pie was received.
If you have leftovers, the family can eat it any way you want...
And, like cold pizza, it makes a lovely - if decadent - breakfast ;)
C S. June 30, 2016
Thanks all. I will try the brown sugar and sour cream on the side. I am not planning to whip it as it is already thick. I do have vanilla ice cream which is my husband's favorite so that's a brilliant idea.
Nancy June 30, 2016
I agree with IvoryGalNY and AmySarah...sour cream & berries is a classic (good) combo. But maybe some of your guests share Phil's not-liking it. So make the sweetened sour cream, but serve it on the side...that way, everyone can be happy.
PS Do you have vanilla ice cream in the house? Another option...
PHIL June 30, 2016
Thanks for the backup Nancy HA! Doesn't sour cream also whip differently? My Mom make a great cheesecake with a sour cream layer on top. I always eat around the sour cream
amysarah June 30, 2016
Berries topped with sour cream mixed with a little brown sugar is a great quickie dessert - we do it often in summer. I don't see why that combination wouldn't work well on blueberry pie too.
PHIL June 30, 2016
I guess if you like sour cream , just not my favorite.
PHIL June 30, 2016
I think it would be better to make a dip with the sour cream and go by some whipping cream. You put all that effort into making a homemade pie, why risk it?. It won't whip the same or taste the same.
navahfrost June 30, 2016
You can use sour cream, for sure. If you add brown sugar to sour cream it tastes amazing. It's a combination that works really well with fruit based desserts, or even just a bowl of berries, so it should be really good on your blueberry pie. Good luck!
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