Frozen sour cream in Beef Stroganoff

Can I freeze Beef Stroganoff after it has sour cream added to the sauce? Will it break/curdle upon thawing when I remove it from the freezer?

  • Posted by: CHeeb
  • July 6, 2014


James J. February 10, 2019
Roger that and thanks
Charlie S. February 9, 2019
Sour cream breaks, creme fraiche won't. Sour cream on Stroganoff is mean to go on top as a dollop on the plate's way to the table.
Smaug February 10, 2019
I must say, of the dozens of Stroganoff recipes I've seen over the years that's a new one on me, but why not? There doesn't seem to be any real consensus even on it's origin- though it seems to be a restaurant invention- let alone on what it should be. I'm with the fast cooked, beef cut in thin strips against the grain school, which seems more in line with a restaurant dish, but there doesn't seem to be any real reason to reject stewlike versions, even slow cooker versions, hamburger versions- maybe I draw the line at vegetarian versions.
Smaug February 7, 2019
You could also consider freezing it without, though- there seem to be an awful lot of different dishes that people call Stroganoff, but the sour cream versions generally add it right at the end, so you could heat up the sauce and then add it. And hopefully find time to cook fresh noodles- it doesn't take much.
James J. February 8, 2019
Thank you. But cream of beef is more like chip beef gravy. Made with hamburger , milk ,flour and butter, wasn't sure I could freeze it
Smaug February 9, 2019
You're welcome, but my reply was to the original question- never heard of cream of beef. I've also never tried freezing anything roux based other than maybe a bit of gravy in a hash, so I can't help you.
Susan W. July 6, 2014
CH, happy to help. If you are going to include the noodles, undercook them just a little. :0)
James J. February 7, 2019
Can you freeze cream of beef made with butter flour and milk
Susan W. July 6, 2014
Yes, it freezes very well. Sometimes the sauce will develop a yellow tinge when frozen, but it turns creamy white again when heated.
CHeeb July 6, 2014
Susan W,many thanks. This is a church project that will feed many if it has the ability to be frozen and kept for future delivery.I appreciate your quick
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