Canning maple bacon marmalade

I found a recipe I would like to try to can, but I am unsure if I need to use the water bath method or the pressure canning method. Ingredients include bacon, olive oil, onion, sugar, orange juice, lemon juice, and maple syrup. I feel that because there is bacon in the recipe, I should be pressure canning. Any advice/direction would be greatly appreciated!

Jill Welch


Diana B. December 13, 2013
You are very welcome, Jill. I have actually seen videos of people canning butter online, not even hot water bath, just turning the jars upside down after filling them with melted butter - makes me just shudder...

Have a great holiday!
Diana B. December 12, 2013
I'm not against canning meat at all; bacon, because it's so greasy (and yummy!), is the problem, for the reason I mentioned. I know you see recipes for bacon jam all over the place, and people do can it, but it's really not safe. And anytime you do can meats, which are invariably going to have some fat associated with them, wipe the edges of your jars with vinegar to make sure there isn't a trace of grease on them before you put the lids on. Be safe out there!
Jill W. December 13, 2013
Great advice, Diana B! Many, many thanks. I truly appreciate you watching out for us. There are so many resources out there for canning, and when it came to this particular recipe, I was surprised at the conflicting information. I think diligently wiping the jar edges with vinegar is a great idea and an excellent way to help safeguard the integrity of canning this particular recipe. Again, THANK YOU for your counsel! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Jill W. December 12, 2013
Thanks, HalfPint and Diana B! Diana -- I did come across an article that indicated that I can make this recipe without the olive oil for that very reason. I have also found many canning recipes that include bacon and various other types of meats and poultry that can be canned by the pressure canning method. Please advise further if you have strong reasons against canning meats! I've never canned a "combo" recipe like this before. Again, many thanks to you both!
Diana B. December 12, 2013
You should not try canning this at all because of the bacon and the oil oil - both of these are dangerous for the home canner to attempt. Pressure canners often cause siphoning, which can bring the grease and oil onto the jar rim. As a result, it can look like you got a safe seal when you really didn't.
HalfPint December 12, 2013
Pressure canner for sure. The marmalade has meat (bacon) in it.
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