Looking for local store that sells bacon flavored olive oil



violist October 14, 2017
Just Googled Wild Cheff. Directly below the Internet address is “This site may be hacked“. Beware!
Francesco,Pasquini August 7, 2012
Diana B. August 6, 2012
Recipe for making your own: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Bacon-Flavored-Olive-Oil. WildCheff makes it, but their stuff retails for $15 and bottle and up -- you can do better!
Callaham August 15, 2012
Perfect. Thanks!
Cooking E. October 13, 2017
Actually, WildCheff Olive Oil starts @ $11.00 per bottle. Most flavored olive oils sell from an average of $15.99 to $18.00 per large bottle. WildCheff offers two sizes, so you can try a smaller amount, and if you really enjoy it, you can come back for the larger version. WildCheff is also very in-tune with its customers. You can get recipes and recipe ideas to help with your journey. WildCheff's Bacon Olive Oil is made with a vegan alternative and you would never know it is not real bacon. So it is healthier, and with WildCheff - you can even get your vegan friends to eat bacon!!!

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chef O. August 6, 2012
Why not just save the bacon "squeezings" aka bacon grease from cooking and use that? If needed you can use half the amount called for in the recipe and the other half olive oil. Perfect.
SKK August 6, 2012
How are you going to use it?
Diana B. August 6, 2012
I presume you know some company that actually makes such a product (I'm not familiar with it). If so, I recommend contacting the company directly and asking what stores they distribute their product to.
Sugar &. August 6, 2012
I know your looking for bacon flavored olive oil, but a nice alternative is a smoked olive oil there really delicious and they usally don't have any artifical flavors.
JanetFL August 6, 2012
Love smoked olive oil!
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