making caramels on a humid day

I'm planning on making caramels in the next few days so I can send some along with presents that I'm shipping for Christmas. Only problem is that I've read you're not supposed to make caramels on rainy or humid days. I'm in Oregon and while it's not raining now, it's supposed to be quite humid for the next week. Should I even attempt to make them? If so, what kind of adjustments might I need to make?



boulangere December 14, 2013
They go all sticky in the presence of humidity because, basically, an invert sugar is created, which is very hygroscopic, meaning that it pulls moisture out of the atmosphere. It occurs in any atmosphere, but logically where there is more water in the air, the stickier the result. Certainly, go ahead and make themBut get them covered and sealed as soon as possible after they are done.
Miriam,Hurley December 14, 2013
If I make toffee on a humid day I find it's more likely to be grainy in texture. I found a page on problems with humidity/heat and it advised to take the temperature a couple of degree higher but I haven't tested the theory x
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