Eggnog Variations?

Has anyone tried making eggnog that's less rich and sweet? I was wondering about adding some Earl Grey Tea concentrate or green tea or......

LeBec Fin


LeBec F. January 3, 2014
I actually really liked the result when I spiked my diet A&W Root Beer with eggnog!- very similar to my root beer float with rum raisin ice cream!
ChefJune December 20, 2013
or you could make it with whole milk, no cream... I might sub out rice milk for some of the cream (because I REALLY like eggnog when the cream is whipped and folded in).
Maedl December 20, 2013
What about making a Tom and Jerry? See
Or perhaps experiment, replacing some of the cream with almond milk or coconut milk.
Big G. December 19, 2013
Mexican eggnog called rompope... must use Mexican cinnamon and Mexican pure vanilla extract. easy to get online.
petitbleu December 18, 2013
Earl Grey sounds lovely! Even a chai tea concentrate would give eggnog a great deal more depth.
Erika K. December 18, 2013
What about an eggnog smoothie? You could then blend in crushed ice, yogurt etc. which will diminish the sweetness but keep in the rich experience of the original! (I haven't actually tried this but I'm going to...)
Lindsay-Jean H. December 17, 2013
Erik Lombardo's eggnog recipe ( seems more balanced. Your variations sound promising too!
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