Trying something different for Christmas Eve... seafood pot pies. I threw the idea out and the family jumped on it, so I need a winner. Any ideas?

My vision is the pot pies in individual ramekins. I'm serving all adults. Shrimp? Lobster? Shrimp and lobster?



lloreen December 21, 2013
Oh, you absolutely have to watch a video about fish pie by Tamarin Day Lewis (Daniel Day Lewis's sister who is a cookbook author in the UK). This video made me long for British fish pie and I have been waiting for the opportunity to make one! It is made from smoked haddock, prawns, grated potatoes with lots of cheddar, rich cream, spinach, and best of all, studded with quail eggs. I cannot link to the video, but if you go on YouTube and search for "Fish pie recipe uktv food" it is the first result. Even if you make a different recipe, it will get you in the mood for cooking fish pie!
Melusine December 21, 2013
I served an oven-poached salmon on Thanksgiving, and used some of the leftovers in a seafood pot pie on the weekend. Classic carrots/potatoes/green bean combination, stock made with both fish and vegetable base thickened with a roux and finished with a splash of cream, and a drop biscuit topping. Rave reviews.
Merrill S. December 21, 2013
I love this idea!
tigerlili December 20, 2013
Thanks all. I'll let you know how it works out.
Wishing you a wonderfully happy and festive holiday.
Greenstuff December 18, 2013
Your lobster idea is really festive. We'll be having lobster on Christmas Eve as well.

Scallops would be great. Monkfish too.
mamariz December 18, 2013
I have made the Barefoot Contessa's seafood gratin several times for Christmas Eve. You can assemble it ahead of time and pop it into the oven. Works in individual ramekins or as a casserole and it is delicious!
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