can i make mashed potatoes with russet potatoes?

  • Posted by: gin
  • December 9, 2010


RobertaJ December 11, 2010
Absolutely ! They're the only kind my mother ever used. I occassionally use Yukon Golds for mashers, but the "waxy" new potatoes (small ones, usually red or white, or labeled "fingerlings") will never work. They turn gluey. For mashed, you need the starchier kind like Russets or Yukons. The waxy ones are best for potato salads and steamed/boiled potatoes, not for mashed, baked or latkes.
bella S. December 10, 2010
As you can see, the answer is an overwhelming "Yes!". I know that it might sound like a lot of work, but I have cooked different types of potatoes (golds, Russets, red, etc.) for the same dish, (eg. mashed or roasted potatoes), and then compared the taste/flavor/texture, etc. of the different types of potatoes. It is interesting, fun, and a learning experience.
Pat E. December 10, 2010
I'd never use anything else! Drain them well, mash them dry and then slowly add butter and 1/2 and 1/2, salt and pepper ...mixing with the masher...until they are fluffy. Don't whip them over work them or they will get gluey. It's the most basic and the best!
pierino December 9, 2010
In fact you SHOULD use russets for mashed potatoes. Break out the chives and start cookin' the bacon.
latoscana December 9, 2010
Of course! All those additions work: butter, milk, cream, and/or chicken broth. Add as you mash - but start with smaller amounts and keep tasting to avoid getting gummy or soupy potatoes.
iuzzini December 9, 2010
Or buttermilk, sour cream or chicken broth. We used russets for thanksgiving and then we made pierogie dough and filling with the leftovers! They were perfect for this purpose too. :)
phyllis December 9, 2010
Yes. Make sure you add enough butter & cream or milk as they can be a little drier.
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