Homemade Preserved Lemons- Olive Oil?

I've noticed some recipes for preserved meyer lemons call for olive oil..what would be the purpose of adding olive oil?

kelly wood


kelly W. December 22, 2013
Thank you so much for everyone's responses! As Pagine said it would be a nice holiday gift..I wanted to go ahead and share my pictures with you that I gave the girls in my family for Christmas! I used organic Meyer lemons with raw Himalayan sea salt that contained no anti-clumping agents to keep out any extra chemicals!! Thanks again! -Kelly
healthierkitchen December 20, 2013
I keep mine refrigerated and there is so much salt that I don't think any other preservative is needed. I suspect it's a personal preference just as adding spices or cinnamon stick. I don't add the olive oil because it solidifies in the refrigerator.
bigpan December 20, 2013
I have always been successful with lemons, salt, lemon juice and water. However, my ex mother in law (Italian) would put a layer of olive oil on top of anything in a jar to act as a preserving barrier.
creamtea December 20, 2013
It is, I believe, the Sephardic (Jewish) version. My friend who married a Sephardi fellow did it that way, but following Paula Wolfert, I make with only salt, lemons and juice. Either way is fine.
Pegeen December 20, 2013
Here's a little video on this site that shows you how easy it is... all you need is lemon, salt and a jar. (Nice holiday gift.)
Pegeen December 20, 2013
I guess to act as some type of preservative, but most recipes I've seen just require adding lemon juice to top off the lemons in the jar. There's a lot of info in this older Hotline thread about the recipe (without olive oil) from Paula Wolfert's cookbook, Foods of Morocco.
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