Can I preserve my cheese balls (made from yogurt) in cold pressed grapeseed oil rather than olive oil. I do not like that olive oil salitifies in

I make yogurt based cheese balls (from Labneh) and I know that they should be preserved in olive oil but the oil salsifies in the refrigerator making them difficult to remove and just looks unpleasant . Does A cold pressed grapeseed oil Act as a preservative as well . I would like to switch to this method if it’s safe to do so. I know I can leave the cheese on the counter in olive oil but that’s only if it’s unused and unopened, which is why I’d like to switch to grapeseed oil if possible . Please help .

  • Posted by: Jan
  • May 27, 2020
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1 Comment

HalfPint May 27, 2020
Yes, you can use grapeseed if you don't want the oil to solidify when refrigerated. Grapeseed doesn't solidify until the temperature reaches 14 degrees F (10 degrees celsius).
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