How long can I refrigerate an uncooked ricotta lasagna?

I want to mix the eggs into the ricotta cheese, make the lasagna, and refrigerate for Christmas Eve. I don't want to freeze it. Can I keep the uncooked ricotta and eggs safely in the refrigerator for those 48 hours?

Teresa Gaydosz


PazzoNico December 22, 2013
I would bake it, cool to room temp., plastic wrap it (tight), and re-heat it in the oven on the day.
(That's what we do at the restaurant).

Curious; why eggs? It's not really necessary in a lasagna. If it's to make sure it sets and doesn't fall apart, as long as you let it rest for about half an hour before cutting, if should set just fine. (just curious, not judging)
Anita B. October 9, 2018
I'm Italian, and was taught to use eggs to thin the Ricotta. Spreads easier, and you can get an extra layer out of it!
audrey K. December 22, 2013
Yes. It will be fine for 48 hours.
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