can you make ricotta cheese from sour cream?

I have an extra container of sour cream and looking to find alternative way to use it as a ricotta cheese that would be mixed into pasta dishes. I am wondering if it would work...

Serra Semi


Lori T. March 24, 2020
No, unfortunately you can't. Ricotta is a coagulated type of cheese, made with whole or skim milk. Sour Cream is a cultured product made with real cream- though you can do it with half and half. If you have milk and vinegar or lemon juice though, you can make it yourself. However, you can use it for a pasta sauce. As teenagers, my sons created a version when they wanted spaghetti bolognese while I was not home. They actually stirred in about 1 cup of sour cream into 2 cups of spaghetti sauce, and had it over penne. I have to admit it was actually not bad. If you do a web search, there are a few recipe ideas out there for using sour cream with pasta.
creamtea March 24, 2020
I think you could use it as sour cream in a wide noodle dish. You could add melted butter, sautéed mushrooms, or poppyseeds (or, if you happen to have it, Trader Joe's Everything But the Bagel seasoning) or buttered garlicky breadcrumbs. I don't think you can turn it into ricotta per se though.
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