Made Smitten Kitchen's eggnog florentine cookies. Refrigerated the dough per recipe and dough is rock solid. Any tips on thawing?

  • Posted by: mandy
  • December 22, 2013


LeBec F. December 23, 2013
mandy, other warmth can be found on a radiator or a stove pilot light; and Trena is so right about cutting the dough up with a pastry scraper.
Trena H. December 22, 2013
Mandy - The same thing happened to me about a week ago when I was making cookies. I agree with Merrill about putting the dough by a warm oven, if possible. Additionally, I cut the dough into smaller pieces using a pastry cutter. Cover with plastic wrap. My logic is smaller pieces, faster to room temperature. It seemed to work. Best of luck!
mandy December 22, 2013
Thanks all! I made them about a week ago without refrigerating and they turned out wonderful! I wanted to make more for a Christmas Eve party and refrigerated them just because I knew the cookies only lasted a few days per Deb. I'll just wait and see what happens.
cdachis December 22, 2013
I made them without refrigerating and the dough does stay pretty sticky and tough. Test one but they will dramatically spread and thin in the oven. Absolutely worth the wait!
Merrill S. December 22, 2013
Unfortunately, there's not a whole lot you can do to speed it up, but I'd set it in a warmish place -- maybe near a warm oven. When it starts to soften a little, you can pound it lightly with a rolling pin to help it along.
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