Cuisinarts and Bread Dough -- How to Prevent the Dough Blade from Sticking?????

Can someone tell me how to prevent flour and water from working their way up under the dough blade in the food processor when making bread dough, and turning the paste (almost) into a lump of semi-cooked pasta? I almost permanently glued the dough blade to the spindle this morning making a not-too-wet baguette dough. All the machine's parts were completely clean and dry. No dried dough inside the blade. I put all the dry ingredients in first, and carefully added the water so the dough came together evenly. Didn't overload the mixing bowl. Since I've jammed the dough blade too many times before, I've learned to stop the machine and check -- thankfully. Normally, it's not a problem, but this morning, the flour and water paste under the blade was rapidly turning into glue. I bought my first Cuisinart in 1988 (this is only my second machine) and use it almost every time I walk into the kitchen. I can't figure out a way to prevent this particular quirk. My only thought -- never tried -- is to give the spindle a very thin coat of vegetable oil, since only the lean bread doughs seem to cause the problem. Any ideas?



Diana B. June 22, 2013
I also wouldn't use the dough blade - use the regular cutting blade.
pierino June 22, 2013
The Cuisinart aka Robot Coupe is just not the best vehicle for making bread dough. A KitchenAid works far better. Or just use your strong hands and a large mixing bowl.
Shalini June 22, 2013
I would try the coating of vegetable oil or olive oil on the blade and spindle, as you suggest. Other than that, just keep stopping the machine and pulling the dough off, it seems the gluten content is too high in these types of breads and they are too strong for the machine.
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