Is there a big...or any... difference between dutch process cocoa powder and regular unsweetened cocoa powder for baking purposes? Are they interchangable?

Pat E. in SLO


iuzzini December 10, 2010
When using unsweetened cocoa in a recipe calling for dutch-process, you need to adjust the amount of baking soda you use . ..
Here's a explanation:
"Substituting Unsweetened Cocoa for Dutch-Process Cocoa - 3 tablespoons (18 grams) unsweetened cocoa powder plus a pinch (1/8 teaspoon) baking soda.
Substituting Dutch-Process Cocoa for Unsweetened Cocoa - Leave out any baking soda called for in the recipe."
usuba D. December 10, 2010
Dutch cocoa is processed with alkali, which gives it a different flavour than regular unsweetened, though are you talking Hershey unsweetened or some other cocoa. I think Hershey has a strange back ground flavour and have never really liked it.

You need to make a hot chocolate with Dutch (Droste is the standard) and another chocolate to see the difference before you cook with them.
Pat E. December 10, 2010
Found the answer below. Sorry...should have searched first.
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