I made some waffles and they kept Falling apart in the waffle maker but the waffle maker seems to working fine.

Could it be the batter that's causing them not to hold?

Black Orchid


LeBec F. December 29, 2013
there is no binder here. whenever i have major problem like this, i google other 'vegan waffle' recipes and compare their ingredients and the ratios used of those ingredients.
sfmiller December 29, 2013
Are the waffles falling apart because they're sticking? If so, it could be because the batter has no fat, other than what occurs naturally in the cashews. Most waffle batters include fat (butter, oil, egg yolks, or a combination), which helps prevent sticking.

Make sure the surface of your wafflemaker is hot and well-oiled before adding the batter; if sticking remains a problem, try adding a few tablespoons of fat to the batter.

Dona December 29, 2013
Can you post your recipe ?
Black O. December 29, 2013
I used a vegan recipe:
1/2 C of cashews
1/2 C potted dates
2-1/2 C water
2 C oats
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla
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