Can I make an old-fashioned "American" waffle in a Belgian Waffle maker?

My trusty electric Toastmaster waffle iron is on its last legs. I need to replace it before long. I checked the ratings on Cook's Illustrated, but they have only tested Belgian Waffle makers. I checked Consumer Reports, and they've only evaluated four: one that's over $200 (what?), and the other three have mediocre ratings. I looked at Amazon, and the vast majority of waffle makers there are for Belgian waffles. Argh! (Are Belgian waffles really that much more popular than old-fashioned waffles? And who wants to mess with yeast in the morning?) The regular waffle irons apparently have "issues" (poor workmanship, cheap materials, etc). So, I'm asking here if anyone can recommend a good, reliable, basic non-stick electric waffle iron. Otherwise, I am wondering if I can buy a Belgian waffle maker, and then just use regular waffle batter in it? (Probably not, but thought I'd ask to be sure.)

And in a related question: why are some waffle irons flipable? Is this something that is needed for Belgian waffles? I've never made Belgians, so I don't know.

  • Posted by: Terri
  • November 27, 2019


Nancy November 27, 2019
If you're willing to use your stove-top or grill, consider a cast iron (non electric) waffle maker. Most have space for 4 regular or 2 large waffles, so you could make a set for a couple or four people at once, eat, rinse & repeat.
Many reputable brands for much less than the $200 you cited for best electrict.
See various online or bricks and mortar stores.
Joanna S. November 27, 2019
Hey Terri! I actually have a Belgian waffle maker, but have never once made Belgian-style waffles in it—just your typical traditional waffle batter. Because the wells tender to be deeper in a Belgian waffle maker, it takes a little bit more batter to fill the iron. But apart from that, I'm not sure there's a discernible difference between the styles.

Relatedly, I'm not sure why some waffle irons are flippable (I'm sure there's some history here...), but my understanding is that they cook waffles faster and more evenly. Here's a very reasonably priced model that has pretty good ratings:

Hope this helps!
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