where can I buy food-grade beeswax?

I'm trying to tackle a recipe for canelés, and I'd like to coat the molds with beeswax (ideally without feeding myself too many additives and such). I've looked online (e.g. amazon) and the closest I find is "cosmetic grade" beeswax. Apparently Marshall's Honey also sells beeswax, but the minimum per order is $35. Any leads?

  • Posted by: rynnybit
  • December 30, 2013


Exbruxelles November 13, 2015
marshallshoney.com has foodgrade beeswax by the pound, 1 pound minimum.
caninechef November 13, 2015
Beeswax is common in cosmetic lip products so I do not think small amounts of cosmetic grade beeswax would be an issue.
Don G. November 12, 2015
I did some internet research and found this company - http://www.beeswaxco.com/
Elizabeth March 18, 2020
Thanks for the tip. I just purchased food-grade beeswax from them.
Greenstuff December 31, 2013
If all else fails, You might take another look at the Marshall's site and see if there aren't some other things you'd like. Those California honeys make good gifts, and it shouldn't take too much to get up to $35.
hardlikearmour December 31, 2013
I think the beeswax they sell at Ruhl Bee Supply is edible (it's filtered, but not bleached and 100% beeswax), but to be certain you'd need to contact them. A 1 lb block runs $7.50. http://www.bee-outside.com/beeswaxbar.aspx
HalfPint December 31, 2013
You can always contact those online vendors and ask if their beeswax is food grade or suitable for consumption.
rynnybit December 31, 2013
I've seen organic beeswax, but because "organic" doesn't necessarily mean "food-grade" or "edible" (in other words, I don't think all organic things are edible) I've held off on getting them so far. I live in Florida; perhaps I just need to ask beekeepers at the next farmers market. But so far, Whole Foods and Earth Origins – nope.
kimhw December 30, 2013
Where do you live?
HalfPint December 30, 2013
Did you search for "organic beeswax"? I've seen plenty of websites that sell it and there's always eBay.
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