Wine and cheese pairings!

I have some Camembert and goat cheese that I want to pair with a red wine. I would like something that goes well with both. Something that can cut through the goat but not kill the buttery flavor of the Camembert. Thanks



Lindsay-Jean H. December 31, 2013
And this article on building a cheese board might be helpful too:
Lindsay-Jean H. December 31, 2013
From one of my wine expert friends: "something with some acidity like a Sangiovese, also a Burgundian wine (Pinot Noir), Pinot from Germany would go well, Chianti (also the sangiovese grape), Brunello (sangiovese again) or any Nebbiolo (Barbaresco and/or Barolo) would be great. If you want something on the more cost effective side I would say a Barbera, Chianti, Sangiovese would be better bets."
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