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Making oven frites tonight. Recipe calls for parboiling before baking. Can I do this in advance, or does it have to be done right before I bake?

Trying to manage multiple things in the oven/hosting (I know, I know!). Thank you!

asked by Danizmango almost 3 years ago
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added almost 3 years ago

I've done it both ways and not noticed a difference... The longest I've let them sit is an hour though. Parboiling before baking keeps the potatoes' natural starches from causing them to stick to the pan you bake them on, but I don't think the resting time makes a difference.

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added almost 3 years ago

Thanks, Meaghan. Did you remove them from the water or let them sit? I have often peeled potatoes and left them in water with no issues, but they were later mashed or not intended to be crisp. Two other details: they won't be peeled, and they won't be whole---the recipe (from Smitten Kitchen) calls for them to be matchsticked before parboiling. I'd love to leave them in the water till I need them. Thanks!

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added almost 3 years ago

I remove them from the water and let them sit in a strainer; normally I chop them, unpeeled, somewhere between a "steak fry" and a "pommes frites."