How many cups cooked cabbage will a large head of cabbage yield?



boulangere January 1, 2014
And just a couple days ago, I cooked a beautiful little head of savoy cabbage, which yielded about 3 cups when cooked.
sfmiller January 1, 2014
As it happens, I just cooked half a medium head, shredded, and I'd estimate the yield at 3 or 3.5 cups. So a whole large head=8 cups or so.
Trena H. January 1, 2014
Stephanie - Approximately 16 cups. It depends on density and what you consider large vs. what I consider large. Having said that, I make okonomiyaki all the time and I fill my large glass Pyrex measuring cup with cabbage during prep. Best of luck!
Trena H. January 1, 2014
oops, I didn't see that you were asking about cooked cabbage which I'm guessing would shrink by about 1/2, therefore I'd guess 8 cups. We've had huge cabbages this year in California!
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