Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Cooking now. With pork, covered in saurkraut and water. I subbed brown for white rice and after 1 1/2 hours brown rice is still not cooked. Will it eventually soften/ cook thru? Thanks.



punkinpie October 22, 2014
Family recipe calling for uncooked white rice. Thought some xtra water and added time would work with the brown rice sub. `shrug`...............
bigpan October 22, 2014
Brown rice should cook in 45 minutes. Perhaps your rice was old (although it would still cook).
Maybe, as you say, it has been 90 minutes, you should consider using white (15 minutes cook time), or get some fresh brown rice and cook for the usual 45 minutes.
Susan W. October 22, 2014
I have only used cooked rice in mine. Did yours call for dry brown rice?
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