What can I do with leftover prime rib meat



Amy January 8, 2014
we made a hash this year with peppers and potatoes...just spicy enough, just filling enough as a one skillet meal. perfect
dymnyno January 8, 2014
You can make a delicious hash with the leftovers.
M.McAwesome January 7, 2014
I only had the leftover ribs this year so I cut all the meat I could off of them, I got maybe a pound, maybe a bit more. And I mixed it with a little chopped onion, a can of tomatoes, and a half a stick of butter. And stuck it all in a hot oven, until I got too hungry to wait any longer. It was delicious on pasta, spinach, and white beans.
creamtea January 2, 2014
Sandwiches on French bread with horseradish cream-or-mayo, or grainy mustard, a green such as arugula or lettuce, pickled pink onions, sliced tomato, etc...
babytiger January 2, 2014
Beef pot pie.
LE B. January 2, 2014
Beef Strogonoff , Stew or Goulash; Buttercup Squash filled with Beef, Mushrooms, Grains ;Curried Beef Pasties or Turnovers...
Sarah|PickledCapers January 2, 2014
I just did a post about a Rustic Short Rib and Mushroom soup on my blog. You can easily substitute leftover prime rib for the short ribs.


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HalfPint January 2, 2014
Prime rib meat makes incredible French dip sandwiches.
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