Holiday Planning Help!!

Hello! I'm hosting Easter this year and I'm completely stressed out. I'm making 3 different meats and sides with one oven. The plan is to set up a buffet so I can keep food organized and hot. Is there a way that I can pre-cook a ham and prime rib roast, slice it and warm it up before serving without drying out the meat? I really appreciate any help that you can offer.

Tracie Susalis-Braunstein


gretel April 19, 2019
Tracie, This sounds like a meal I've hosted. And YES! cooking all that meat ahead of time is necessary. Make the meat and slice it. Make a sauce. Put a small amount of sauce on the oven proof casserole dish you're going to serve it in. Then place the sliced meat on the sauce, top with a little sauce and cover and refrigerate. Reheat this in the serving dish COVERED. This prevents your meat from getting too dry. I recommend that you cook the beef to a temp below what you'd like to serve it at, like cook to rare and serve at medium.

The other thing I'd point out is that beach "cooler" can actually be a "warmer". Put hot food in, and it stays hot. You can preheat it with microwaved baked potatoes, and then there baked potatoes waiting to be topped with leftovers for tomorrow!

Happy Easter!
Stephanie G. April 18, 2019
I've never doen this before, but I do know some people heat hams in slow cookers. I think the website has a recipe for it.
Tracie S. April 18, 2019
Thank you Stephanie! My slow cooker is already earmarked for my lamb roast LOL I will certainly check this out though, I love!
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