What substitute would you suggest for the berbere? I'm allergic to chilies, paprika, and other capsicums. Should I make a blend using berbere as t...

...he starting point, but just leave those ingredients out? Thank you. ;o



Poppies A. January 2, 2014
I think if you made a blend without the chili, it would still give it a great flavor! You could even add a bit more curry powder to get the spice without the chili powder.
ChefJune January 2, 2014
I don't think under those circumstances that I'd choose to make that recipe. There are a lot of other detox recipes to choose that hopefully you can enjoy all the ingredients.
sdebrango January 2, 2014
You could make your own capsicum free berbere using the traditional spices leaving out the chli peppers. You would get pretty much the same flavor profile without the pepper.
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