I made a gluten free carrot cake 6 days ago. Kept it in the fridge. Is it still safe to eat?

  • Posted by: KKool
  • January 2, 2014


Diana M. January 9, 2014
Yes! I just finished a cake that was seven days old and never went in the fridge once.
LeBec F. January 3, 2014
7 days is waaay too conservative. cakes often last forever in the frig.so much sugar (think jam) and sugar is a preservative. as long as it is in a sealed bag or container, i'd give it a month. BUT, details are everything. If you tell me it is iced with sweetened whipped cream, THAT would drastically cut its shelf life, to maybe 4-5 days i would guess-- after which the whipped cream would likely dry up or melt or go off, because it is uncooked dairy.
Chef K. January 2, 2014
Typically in the restaurant industry thing that are fresh made usually are kept for a period of 7 days, so by that standard I would say yes
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