Should I cook the carrots when making a carrot cake?

  • Posted by: nununo
  • October 3, 2014


Melusine October 5, 2014
I never have cooked carrots for a carrot cake, but for what it's worth, the original Silver Palate cookbook has a recipe that does call for 1.5 cups of cooked, pureed carrots.
Susan W. October 5, 2014
I remember that cake!! I just grabbed my old old copy (I got it in 1979) and looked. If I remember right, it's a super moist cake. My copy is so old and well used, it's kind of crispy. :)
nununo October 3, 2014
Thank you! I didn't cook them and it turned out quite well ;)
Susan W. October 3, 2014
Oh good. I love a good carrot cake. :-)
Pegeen October 3, 2014
Zoe B. October 3, 2014
I think that they'd probably melt away!
Susan W. October 3, 2014
I have never seen a recipe that calls for that. They cook as the cake bakes.
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