any idea what the calories count would be for each muffin?



MrsButtons February 28, 2016
Mine was 250 on My Fitness Pal, but I swapped yogurt for buttermilk and used coconut oil. Even more than learning calories, these muffins offer nearly 20% of your daily fiber needs.
chl0525 January 3, 2014
I'm using an iPhone app called MyFitnessPal to track calories. It's free and available for android too. There's an online version, also free, and you can put recipes into it and it will calculate the nutritional info based on the amounts of each ing and the no. of servings you get. It's a little tedious but once you give it your recipe, anytime you eat that item it's easy to add to your list. I did this way to much with Xmas cookies. :)
HalfPint January 3, 2014
I calculate about 240 calories per muffin.
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