I'm puzzled by this: "280 grams (2 cups) whole wheat flour." The leading brands of flour show equivalents of 120 - 128 grams per cup, meaning tha...

...t at the most, one would use 256 grams for this recipe. When testing these in the Food52 kitchen, how did you come up with these numbers? Did you measure two cups in volume and then weigh it? 24 grams could make a difference here. Thank you. ;o



AntoniaJames January 10, 2014
Thanks, Merrill. I do plan to weigh the ingredients. I was just confused because the ratio of volume to weight is typically considerably different for whole wheat flour than what you got. (The standard whole wheat flour conversion is 120 - 124 grams per cup, vs. the 140 that you got . . . which offers convincing proof as to why weighed measurements are so much more reliable!) Looking forward to making these - will be making mini-loaves for freezing, as they freeze so much more conveniently than muffins. Also, will be using dried blueberries, a departure from my usual practice of not eating any blueberries other than those picked from my bushes, simply because I'm curious, as I've never used them before. Stay tuned. ;o)
Merrill S. January 10, 2014
If you're concerned please just weigh all of the ingredients, which I know you prefer anyway! ;)
Merrill S. January 10, 2014
I weighed all of my ingredients first, then measured them. Then I made the muffins using the ingredients I'd measured, and they turned out just fine -- I use the scoop and sweep method for measuring, which perhaps others do not?
AntoniaJames January 10, 2014
Thanks, LBF! I posted a question in the comments to the recipe itself, to see whether the people who have actually made them used weight or volume measurements. There seems to be a lot of variation in oat conversions (between 40 and 55 grams per half cup -- I get the latter with the nice, hefty organic ones I buy in bulk) so I'm not as worried about that. I am mystified, however, by the 280 grams of flour. I'm looking forward to making these muffins, hoping to do so before my son goes back to Madison on Sunday, but won't until this is resolved. Thanks again! ;o)
LeBec F. January 10, 2014
aj, must be typo.280 should be 245.the grams, 450, for 5.5 c. oats-should be 440 grams.
i checked a number of whole wheat oat muffins (diff additives) and this one is closest:

When you double the linked recipe, Merrill's is pretty equivalent for amount of flour, sugar, eggs,but she seems waaaaay off in her oats (almost 4x more than the link) and twice the oil(butter). the link uses less bak soda, no bak powder and no flax seed. so, alot of diffs and i'm mostly very uncomfortable with the huge variance in the quantity of oats. hopefully she'll be able to help with this.
i'm guessing typos are involved....
Merrill S. January 10, 2014
LBF, no typos involved -- as I said to AJ below, I weighed and then measured all of the ingredients myself, and the muffins turned out perfectly. They are very oaty, which is one of the reasons I like them!
LeBec F. January 10, 2014
aj, maybe you alrdy did this, but I am going to compare it to other muffin recipes to see quantities they use given the other components. i'll let you know what I find, but I bet by then, Merrill will have responded!
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