Can anyone recommend some decent disposable soup bowls?

I'm looking to serve an amuse bouche soup starter for a catering event.

James Durazzo


twinjadojo January 5, 2014
Glad you worked it out. Just for your future arsenal, you can get a clean amuse serving into those spoon bellies with that same batter dispenser or even a piping bag with a large, plain tip.
twinjadojo January 5, 2014
How about serving your lovely, thick soup in the spoon itself? The large, flat-bottomed Chinese soup spoons would be easy to portion and serve.
James D. January 5, 2014
I thought about serving it on spoons, however, the staff that is helping me might have a hard time ladling each portion in an efficient neat manner. I opted to order some small disposable shot glasses, as well as a pancake batter dispenser, I will dispense each portion into the glasses. I will test the plastic within the water bath to ensure that it is safe. Thank you everyone for all of the insight you have provided.
Sam1148 January 5, 2014
I've noticed the use of square or squarish shot glasses showing up at parties for soups, deserts (Like Yogurt and fruits), puddings and drinks.

Tho...I'd plan ahead and test them with the soup at tempature. In fact any plastic ware will need to be tested for heat if you going to serve hotter than normal so it reaches temp at service. Or maybe put them in a water bath for service.
nataliesztern January 5, 2014
What about bread bowls?
LeBec F. January 5, 2014
james, Is this for a seated meal? because seated and standing makes a big diff. Seated formal meal, bowl and spoon is fine but not necessary. Standing, with a drink in your hand, you can't do a spoon and bowl unless you are Shiva. Chinois for a potato soup? yikers, what a drag.i hate chinois! plus, the labor required cancels out the inexpensiveness of the soup. Just puree the heck out of it in a cuisnart and then a blender if you want it really smooth. Also remember, potato soup thins as it heats, so if you're serving it hot, test the thickness when it's hot too.Best of luck; they'll be thrilled!
LeBec F. January 5, 2014
wow, cyn, what a cool website.i guess shotglasses are in vogue, yeah?! james,not intending to be pushy, but you might just want to compare dispos $ (1st one on that website was 30 cents)with the porcelain egg cups or mini sake cups or mini tea bowls. iirc, egg cups were 75 cents@.
boulangere January 5, 2014
Here are some bowl options, some of which are suitably small for an amuse bouche serving. The one biodegradable is nice, but extremely pricy, unfortunately:
And here are some shot glasses:
James D. January 5, 2014
Thanks, these look really cool, I appreciate it.
Greenstuff January 5, 2014
Yes,since you're taking votes, I'd go for thinner soup and shooters.

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LeBec F. January 4, 2014
but james, no food rules: you can make that sweet potato soup as thin or thick as you want, to fit your goal. spoons , imo, nullify the whole 'fun' presentation. one or two sips would be my goal; no spoon required. the guests will all have drinks in their hands so they don't have enough hands to mess w/ a spoon(or is this for a seated meal?)
James D. January 5, 2014
I guess I'm nervous because when I made a test batch, it seemed rather thick. I passed it through a chinois twice, but I guess the solution would be to thin it out more, so that it can flow better as a shooter. Do you agree?
LeBec F. January 3, 2014
I am a real hater of disposables. If you ever decided to go the china route.....when i catered i used the porcelain egg cups from Pier One or other- for soup shots and mini creme brulees.
James D. January 3, 2014
Well, these are a few cool ideas, but given the nature of my budget, I was looking for something a bit more reasonably priced, something I can buy in bulk. While I originally thought of serving in a shot glass, I feel that the soup needs to be eaten with a spoon. A sweet potato soup has body to it, so it doesn't flow easily. This is why I'm looking at other options.
kimhw January 3, 2014
Can it be served as a shooter? I was at a gala recently and we were served a lovely bisque in the form of a shooter in nice tall disposable shot glasses.
Jeanne January 3, 2014
VerTerra makes nice, biodegradable dishes.
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