How do u make a soufflé rise up with a flat top?



bigpan January 5, 2014
Are you doing sweet or savory. Either way, make sure you "collar" is correct - dusted with sugar for sweet, or flour if savoury. I hesitate in opening the oven to turn or change position as that upsets the ohhh-sooo sensitive souffle. Place in the middle and hope for the best. Serve immediately. Once you start scooping out the goodness into guest plates nobody will remember if it rose a bit off center. Taste is what you want.
petitbleu January 5, 2014
I would rotate the soufflés in the oven halfway through cooking. Your oven has hot spots, and this can cause uneven rising. You'll have better success if you rotate them.
Chef N. January 4, 2014
U cook it for a short time and don't let it rise cook it right away
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