Do You Have Pleasures of Cooking mags? Help Plse!

This is a real long shot, i know. Pleasures of Cooking mag., long deceased, run by Carl S., who founded Cuisinart in the early 80's. I realized today that my plans for Austrian Steak Strips tomorrow dinner- are challenged by my lacking the last pg. of instructions. Phooeeeeey. My crummy tattered xeroxed pg says this recipe was on a pg. 43 of ______? issue. It follows a strudel recipe so i'm guessing the topic is Austria or Skiing or..... There are some old issues on the web and i looked through their listed tables of contents but found nothing with that subject. So I don't think these issues have the recipe:
January 1, 1984
Vol. VIII, No. 3 November/December 1985
Vol. VIII, No. 5 March/April 1986
Vol. VIII, No. 6 May/June 1986
Vol. IX, No. 1 July/August 1986
Vol. IX, No. 2 September/October 1986
Vol. IX, No. 3 November/December 1986
Vol. I, No. 1 July/August 1987
Might you have a copy of the issue with pg.44 of this recipe?Thank you so much for even conSIDering this favor/labor of love!

LeBec Fin


Hdbfire December 8, 2023
I’m desperate to find the gingerbread recipe in this magazine. Can anyone help?
@nne January 12, 2022
Just found this site! I have some back issues of Pleasures of Cooking if anyone is still interested in a particular recipe I’d be happy to post it. I’m looking for a flatbread recipe from the magazine that utilized cuisinart food processor It was topped with thinly sliced onions, poppyseeds, and olive oil.
Thank you. I know this is a long shot.
maineaic February 7, 2022
I'm desperate for a cheese fondue recipe from the mag. Thinking it had cheddar, blue cheese, cream cheese?? If you have that recipe and could post it i'd be forever grateful!
Epicurean7 June 25, 2023
Any chance you have Vol II ,Number 3. I am missing page 26( Puff shell dough) for a wonderful brunch dish- Breakfast ham and cheese puff.

Meanwhile I have a recipe for FLAT BREAD from VolIX,Number 2. I am happy to email it to you.
Thank you,
Masha Block
[email protected]
Kiki March 26, 2024
@nne, I have been searching for the second page of a recipe from Cooking Pleasures. I don't know what volume it was, unfortunately. I'm guessing it was somewhere from 1999-2001 and I know it was on page 48? The recipe is Sesame-crusted Mahi Mahi with Banana-Curry Sauce. The name of the article was Organized Cooks written by Kathleen Childers. I have page 48, but not the rest of the recipe. If you have it, I would be so grateful for an image.
Molly N. November 9, 2020
I am looking for a copy of The Pleasures of Cooking magazine Vol. IV. No 2
Linda June 5, 2018
Thank you so much Jan! I am able to read it and printed it out as well (and it's very legible!). Thanks again! I wish I had kept this magazine.
Linda June 4, 2018
Dear Jan, If you are willing to share the recipe for the kugelhopf I'd love it! Many thanks and thank you for letting me know which issue it is in!
Jan June 5, 2018
I hope you can read this image
Linda August 25, 2023
Hi, I hope this reaches you Jan. I still have the copy of this kugelhopf recipe that you copied for me! And I can't believe I'm posting about this five years later! If you still have this magazine, Vol. VI, No. 3, are there any other kugelhopf recipes in it? I think I recall more than one. Is it my imagination or is there one with cinnamon....if you receive this and still have the magazine and have the time to check, I'm eternally grateful. I've been looking for this copy of the magazine to buy online unsuccessfully. Thanks! ~Linda
Linda October 7, 2017
I am old enough to be familiar with this magazine. Does anyone remember the Alsatian Kugelhopf recipe from it and do you have it? I realize this is a long shot.

Jan June 4, 2018
Do you still need the recipe? It is in Vol VI no. 3 which I own.
Epicurean7 June 26, 2023
Any chance you have VOLUME II , NUMBER 3?
Missing page 26.... Puff Shell Dough. ( different from Puff pastry)
Thank you.
[email protected]

ChefJune October 24, 2016
Oh my goodness! I had forgotten all about this! Don't remember whether I have the recipe or not. Or the Christmas issue also mentioned below. I will ahve to look when I get home this evening.
joanne P. October 23, 2016
The recipe is on page 43 of Vol.6 No2. I have the volume and while it is way too late, it is as follows:
1 large garlic clove, 2 med carrots peeled and cut into 2 inch lengths, 1 med. onion peeled and ends cut flat, cored and cut into a tube, 1 cup beef broth, 1/4 cup red wine, 1 Tbs red wine vinegar, 1 Tbs. caraway seeds, 1 tsp med. Hungarian paprika, 1/2 tsp marjoram,salt and pepper to taste, 1 cup sour cream, 1/4 cup flour. and 1 pound boneless beef round trimmed and cut into 11/2 by 1/4 by 1/4 inch.
Using your processor, thin slice the onion, med. slice the the green pepper, shred the carrots, and fine chop the garlic. Heat the meat over med. high and cook till browned, about 2 minutes then reserve. Reduce heat to medium add the reserved vegs, cook till onion is soft- not browned. Stir in broth,wine, caraway seeds, vinegar, paprika, marjoram and wine, salt and pepper to taste. Raise the heat to high and bring to a boil, reduce heat and cook 15 min. Add reserved meat and cook 2-3 minutes to heat meat. Whisk sour cream and flour together,off heat stir into the steak strips. Return pan to heat and cook another 1 minute of so. I hope you find this 3 years after the fact, and will continue to enjoy the dish. i miss this publication, one of the finest!
LeBec F. October 24, 2016
you are a wonderful woman!! thank you sooo much for going to the trouble of typing all this! I will make it very soon, and think of you every time I do!
LeBec F. January 7, 2014
june, not in the ones you have i bet? darn!
Jkdsp January 6, 2014
June, if you happen to have the Christmas cookie issue Nov/Dec, not sure of the year, please let me know. I lost my copy years ago and miss the recipes. Thanks so much .
Jkdsp October 24, 2016
I found the issue on eBay! Yay.
ChefJune January 6, 2014
Mindy, if you're still looking--- I will look at my copies tonight (I don't have them all) and see if I have it.
LeBec F. January 6, 2014
june, that would be so great! thank you!i had decided that the beef could prob last another day, til tomorrow....!
Pegeen January 6, 2014
LBF, I was just thinking another source would be the Cuisinart company itself. They probably have a company archive and are familiar with requests like this for issue copies or tearsheets.
Pegeen January 6, 2014
I'm not familiar with the magazine, but a Google showed that on the Chowhound site, there's a thread by some big fans of the magazine. Two users say they have every edition: "addicted to cooking" and "mbcraw4d." The posts are from 2011 but hopefully they are still current users. Good luck!
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