Uses for duck fat

I've made croutons and fries already. Any fun and yummy alternatives?

  • Posted by: Sweets
  • January 6, 2014


Sam1148 January 7, 2014
To insulate ducks.
pierino January 7, 2014
I was reminded that my favorite hot dog place in the entire country, Hot Doug's on Chicago's Northside (they call themselves an "emporium of encased meats") has a thing they call "Duck Fat Friday". They cook their fries in duck fat! Outrageously delicious.
LeBec F. January 7, 2014
Add to non beef or non seafood soups, and cooked dry beans (pinto, white, etc), multigrain pilafs (a few spoons), risotto,roasted smashed baby potatoes, hash,in place of mayo on some sandwiches, haricots verts, roasted veggies.soft scrambled eggs, grits and polenta.
Caterina January 6, 2014
Fry a steak in it or finish off a steak in an iron skillet over high heat!!! Yum
ChezHenry January 6, 2014
Hopefully you also preserved the duck's liver? Take 3tbs of duck fat, saute 1 shallot with some thyme, add duck liver cut into 4 pieces and cook til no longer pink. Transfer contents to blender, add 1 tsp Cognac and whir to a puree. Eat on toast.
Beatrice,Romeo January 6, 2014
Cook potatoes&veges in it. Or confit some pork belly or duck or chicken in it, amazing.
bigpan January 6, 2014
This will sound crazy, but a few years ago I was at a small restaurant in western Ukraine and we asked for some bread and butter to start our meal. The bread came with a pot of what looked like lard. It was, and loaded with chopped garlic. You spread it on the bread and have (cold) garlic bread. We ate the whole thing ! It makes me wonder about taking some duck fat from the fridge (still hard) and putting some garlic in it, spread on baguette slices and eat cold, or toast and have warm. Crazy ? Probably - but delicious.
luvcookbooks January 6, 2014
Latkes fried in duck fat!
pierino January 6, 2014
Lucky you. I've been on a duck binge lately. Excellent for sautes as in the potatoes mentioned above. You can also use it to confit other duck parts like legs.
nashama January 6, 2014
Oh, you can use it for anything! Warm salad dressings (simple vinagrettes), rubbed under and on chicken skin before roasting, or - my favorite- as the replacement for 1/2 the fat in savory pastry. Delicious!
Sweets January 6, 2014
Great idea! I never thought to use it in a pastry!! I was planning on making a steak and ale pie this weekend!
Bill F. January 6, 2014
Braise potatoes in it! Delicious
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