I have always wanted to know how to keep deep frying fat in between cooking and using it?

  • Posted by: Terry
  • February 10, 2015


LE B. February 13, 2015
wow dina, I am really glad to know that; thx!
Dina February 12, 2015
I keep my used peanut oil in an empty yogurt tub in the back of the fridge. After using, I just pour it through a coffee filter to get out any particles, and if anything has burned in the oil or it has an off color or smell I just toss it. I've definitely kept it for more than the two months recommended in the linked article.

I do the same thing with bacon and duck fat, although I tend to keep that in smaller containers in the freezer because it will spoil quicker.
LE B. February 12, 2015
dina, i agree with you on most of your post, though i question the need to refrig your used oil. I also will mention thatmy mom was a southern cook and she did not always refrig her bacon fat. You know, it is made with SO much salt that I bet that keeps it pretty darn preserved! (Have you really had it spoil on you?)I have left mine out for days w/o it degrading, though, as a safety, i do normally keep it refrig'd.
Dina February 12, 2015
I have! It was after months though, in a small jar that i just kept topping off. I dug too deep, and whoo, it was bad. If I hadn't smelled it myself (and tasted, unfortunately) I wouldn't have thought it could happen.

You're probably right on the refrigeration of regular oil, it's more of a precaution. I only deep fry once every few months, so it takes me a long time to go through a jug of oil.
LE B. February 12, 2015
p.s. i use a fine strainer to pour my used oil through when I return it to a jug. I think you could store it in glass or plastic as long as you could seal it.
bigpan February 10, 2015
Old oil can spoil your product very fast. Keep oil used for fish separate from meats and other (fritters).
For the cost, better to toss and use fresh than use old oil.
LE B. February 12, 2015
But "old" can mean many things. I don't generally fry a large amount of food, so I store in a jug (empty oil jug) my used-once oil, and i re-use it another one or two times. But then I generally toss it. But that is MUCH more conservative than 99% of U.S. restaurants (that you are likely used to.)
Lindsay-Jean H. February 10, 2015
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