Recipe says simmer - covered or uncovered?



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ATG117 January 7, 2014
With soups, I like to simmer uncovered in order to reduce liquid and concentrate flavors. But I think Bunnee makes a good point re the beans. If they aren't precooked or canned, you may want to leave the lid on unit they are done. Then, you can remove the lid to finish simmering and reducing.
Bunnee B. January 7, 2014
It could also be the age of your beans. Older beans take much longer to cook, even if they are presoaked.
Tallgrass K. January 6, 2014
I do most things like that almost all the way covered, with the lid just a bit ajar. This keeps too much liquid from evaporating. The exception would be if you want evaporation in order to concentrate flavors, but I don't think that would be the case with this recipe. Sounds delicious, good luck!
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 6, 2014
What's the recipe?
Vogue126 January 6, 2014
Sorry - my first post here - got excited! Bean and chicken soup. Simmer one hour - beans are dry and chicken is cooked.
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