What is the shelf life for homemade toffee? (recipe: equal parts butter and sugar, and vanilla paste - no chocolate or nuts). I've tried researching, and have found answers ranging from "several weeks" to eight months.

Also: in your opinion, how would the addition of bacon affect the toffee's shelf life?



Peter December 13, 2010
3 months? Ha!

6 months? bah!

Every year a good friend and I make a big batch of toffee exactly like what's pictured above for a holiday party he throws. Usually a pound of it gets left in my fridge and I have to admit, I get sick of it and sits there until the next holiday season.

A few years ago my then brand new-girlfriend (now wife) came over, found the then 15 MONTH OLD toffee in the fridge and went to town. The entire pound of it was gone within 2 weeks.

Needless to say:

1. I married her.

2. Toffee will last over a year and still be quite tasty.

3. She now no longer allows me to keep any of the toffee we make -- she can't resist it.

Happy holidays!


P.S. Here's the lovely wife so you can see that the toffee had no adverse affects. ;-)
betteirene December 12, 2010
The shelf life for toffee is a long one, at least six months if stored in a tin lined with waxed paper and if it's not exposed to temperature extremes that could cause condensation.

I don't think the addition of crispy bacon would shorten the shelf life: there are many companies that sell and ship it, and if you check ingredient lists from these places, like Vosges, the candy isn't made from anything you can't pronounce.
Lizthechef December 12, 2010
Re my Scottish Toffee recipe on the site and my blog, I have made at least 20 batches per year for the past 20 years - honest! This is totally out of control, I admit. Freeze it for 6 months, keep it in your fridge for 3 months. The stuff just lasts and lasts. I have experimented...My problem is updating my holiday toffee list and keeping the hungry hordes at bay ;) I don't have leftovers.
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