Can you make vanilla paste out of the leftovers beans from homemade extract?

I read in the comments of an article on that a commenter takes the beans out of her infusing homemade vanilla extract and scrapes the seeds out to turn it into paste. Does anyone have experience with this? Would you need to dehydrate the beans as it calls for in other paste recipes, and would that even work if they're soaked with alcohol? Would the flavor be seeped out? Or would it be better just to use my vanilla extract as a substistute for the paste (it's for a pie recipe)? Thanks!

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1 Comment

ChefOno July 3, 2012

When extract is properly made, there is very little flavor left in the pods.

Without knowing the recipe, it's very difficult to make an educated call on a substitution other than to say you can usually sub at a 1:1 ratio.

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