Are cupcakes over yet?

God I hope so. It's like having Carrie Bradshaw inflicted on you over and over again. I'm sure a dumb new fad with a cracking and peeling gloss of sophistication will arrive soon. Hopefully kale chips will vanish quickly.

  • Posted by: pierino
  • January 15, 2014


Diana B. January 18, 2014
I have to agree with you Pegeen. I'm single and there's no way I'm making or buying an entire cake, but a cupcake every once in a while satisfies whatever craving I have. Bake on, Cynthia!
Pegeen January 18, 2014
All the kids I know would not have had as happy a childhood without cupcakes. They're just a convenient form of cake that doesn't require a fork and have been around for a century or two. What's wrong with that?
boulangere January 18, 2014
Oh. I don't have a television. Happily, evidently.
boulangere January 18, 2014
Nope. Just today received an order for 4 dozen, half vanilla chiffon, half chocolate. At a price very worth the effort. Ever onward.
boulangere January 18, 2014
P.S. Who/what is a Carrie Bradshaw?
pierino January 18, 2014
Carrie Bradshaw (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) was a character in Sex and the City (HBO); a symbol of everything that is fleeting and fadish in American culture. Unfortunately she represents a role model (along with the male characters) that many people in our society aspire to.
Diana B. January 18, 2014
It's official: Today I heard the host of "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" say that cupcakes are over. When you hear it on NPR, you know it must be true, Pierino.
pierino January 18, 2014
And there you have it, the unvarnished truth. Disappearing next, kale. Hopefully returning in a more humble form. All things in moderation. But that's not how America works.
pierino January 16, 2014
Anyone remember the Krispy Kreme fad? H.L. Mencken of the Baltimore Sun once wrote "Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public." Mencken wrote that about 100 years ago. Has anything changed?
creamtea January 16, 2014
I like cupcakes.
luvcookbooks January 16, 2014
And I am very fond of kale chips. Maybe hand pies or tarts could be the new cupcakes? Or tiny sweet dumplings like vareniki?
susan G. January 15, 2014
Demand, supply, and large profit margin. Like coffee. I'm with amysarah's grandma.
boulangere January 15, 2014
Yes, susan g!
TobiT January 15, 2014
A few months ago I read somewhere that "pie is the new cupcake."
And then just last week I read that "eclairs are the new pie."
Which makes me wonder: What will be the new bacon?!
boulangere January 15, 2014
Whether or not they are my favorite thing to make is beside the point. Clients request them so often, that I've honestly very much enjoyed giving in to the demand and developing beautiful decorating designs, along with many flavor and filling combinations. Demand + supply = income.
boulangere January 15, 2014
And please let me say thank you. With Valentine's Day in the near future, I feel a blog post in the offing.
Bevi January 15, 2014
Hardly a fad.

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amysarah January 15, 2014
Cupcakes aren't going anywhere - they may stop being a fad, but their children's birthday party application long predates - and will go on - when its the fad of yesteryear. As well it should. Personally, I'd rank the cupcake pretty low on the scale of disturbing things "inflicted on" us these days. As my grandma would have said: "that should be your worst problem."
Gibson2011 January 15, 2014
The cupcake fad has lasted longer than I expected it to, despite a brief attempt by the macaron to oust it. I keep waiting for decent/delicious pie to become widespread. I'll probably be waiting a while and keep making my own.
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 15, 2014
Burritos... Pathetic attempt or revelation for the common sandwich.
pierino January 16, 2014
Further evidence that folks on the East Coast don't understand the concept of the burrito. That's why you can't find a good one there if you can't comprehend it. Considering that New York's nearest frontier is with Canada I can grasp that confusion.
MTMitchell January 15, 2014
I think the fad could cool down but I hope the cupcake place near my office stays open. There's a lot to be said for a cupcake's ability to break up a bad day and for bringing minis to afternoon meetings (people seem more easy-going when there are treats available and full-size cakes seem awkward for non-birthday related meetings...).
bigpan January 15, 2014
I'm lucky I have not a had a cupcake since I was a toddler. However, on the local news a couple days ago they featured a new cupcake shop...Mister Cupcake - who specializes in "man" cup cakes. Carrot cake with bacon shavings on top. Bourbon flavored cupcakes.
Right ! I see a bunch of guys sitting around the screen watching Super Bowl talking about the best cupcake, and which shampoo gives better sheen and thickens split ends.
If I'm going to have "cake" it will be big, layered, have icing, and leftovers will be in the fridge for a snack at midnight.
ZombieCupcake January 15, 2014
While a full size cake is far superior in flavor, texture, presentation, and etc. Cupcakes can typically be more conveyant in some situations, less to utensils to carry and you can plan on how many servings you need per guest.
ChefJune January 15, 2014
Dear me, I hope so! I am so not into fads. Not interested in cronuts, either.
Pegeen January 15, 2014
The cupcake cafe in our town is still booming. (Sorry, Pierino.) Maybe we're just hicks. :-)
thirschfeld January 15, 2014
yeah, now it's all about cronuts and cragels
pierino January 15, 2014
The end is nigh
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