what is an inexpensive, uncomplicated drink to serve with birthday cake?

  • Posted by: HCR
  • January 16, 2014


joanne January 17, 2014
Agree with above re serving prosecco or champagne. With chocolate cake I like to serve prosecco with chambord. You can also do a nice white dessert wine or a port depending on why you are serving.
LeBec F. January 16, 2014
Irish Coffee: coffee w/ Irish whisky and whipped cream
mimosas- sparkling wine with OJ
Summer O. January 16, 2014
I guess it depends on the type cake. If it's a chocolate cake you might want a big red wine to go with it; Spanish wines offer a great price point for a bold red . As mentioned before Prosecco would be good with the likes of a coconut or strawberry cake. If you feel like coffee isn't racy enough add a shot of whiskey to it. That should cut through the sweetness of the cake.
aargersi January 16, 2014
ZombieCupcake January 16, 2014
Dave O. January 16, 2014
Irish coffee or White Russian.
SeaJambon January 16, 2014
You can always do some sort of "champagne" cocktail to complement the cake (i.e., if the cake has a fruit filling, using that fruit -- syrup, jam, or actual fruit -- with the "champagne"). Don't get flipped out with the cost of "champagne" -- save the expensive stuff for drinking naked (the beverage, not you -- oh heck, you too and your friends as well if that's how you roll; no judgment here!) and use a much less expensive version for mixing.
ChefJune January 16, 2014
kimhw January 16, 2014
Black Russian.
creamtea January 16, 2014
Good coffee (for adults)

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TobiT January 16, 2014
A big, frosty glass of milk!
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