what can i add to make my water melon drink spicey to serve my friends at a convention

what can i add to my water melon drink to make it spicy,to serve my friends at a convention on a hot sunny day.

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Molly F. March 6, 2015
JulieS March 6, 2015
If you have access to Aleppo Pepper, it would be wonderful on the rim of the glass. Rub rim of glass with lime and then roll in an Aleppo pepper/salt mixture.
sexyLAMBCHOPx March 6, 2015
a bit of beet horseradish
dinner A. March 6, 2015
I really like using dried aji amarillo chile in watermelon salad, so I think it would be good in your drink also. It's a very fruity, fairly hot pepper. More about it here: http://www.seriouseats.com/2010/06/spice-hunting-aji-amarillo-chile.html

If you want to add spice but not really much chile flavor, you could always add just some ground cayenne pepper. It's hot enough that you could make your drink spicy before you'd really start to taste the rest of the chile flavor.
Nancy March 6, 2015
If you're in a place that needs this drink now, I'm jealous. Agree with Daniel on peppers. I sometimes use one tiny hot red one for half a watermelon. Also cilantro (buzzed up abd/or garnish). Assume you're adding vodka or gin, yes? Vodka better if you're sourcing it up (the herbals in gin would be drowned out). Rum or bourbon might work well, pplaying off the sweet melon.
Nancy March 6, 2015
"Sourcing it up" should be "spicing it up". Sorry...
CanadaDan March 6, 2015
Jalapeños go well with melons. I'd roast them first to mellow them a bit before blending them in. Or you can always pickle them.
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