3 couples coming for drinks before dinner

What do I serve 3 couples coming for drinks before dinner, keeping in mind that we have to drive and dinner in upscale restaurant is next. Not too much to eat or drink but I want to be a good hostess. Thanks!!

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Gammy November 24, 2019
I like Lisa's suggestion of lighter wines! I would go very light on any appetizers, a small cheese and charcuterie platter, or a simple homemade cheese spread along with really good crackers or loaf of bread. Or perhaps some nuts, seasonal fruit or an olive tapenade. You don't want to fill guests up before a lovely upscale dinner.
Nancy November 24, 2019
Pitcher of non-alcoholic for all sophisticated drinks (so designated drivers don't feel excluded or suffering), with complementary food, for ex:
1) Homemade limeade with mini tacos, empanadas, etc
2) homemade lemonade with fish canapes
3) homemade mango lemonade with mini samosas, pakoras, etc
4) artisanal bitters in fuzzy water with some vegetable or cheese galette
Nancy November 24, 2019
Should be: non alcoholic sophisticated drinks for all
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