Is it possible to substitute powdered pectin for liquid pectin? Can you interchange them if you add them at different points in the recipe?
If so what is the correct conversion?

  • Posted by: Gidget
  • December 13, 2010


Randie C. March 26, 2017
I know this is crazy late, but I just found this from a google search. I signed up so I could thank all of you. My hairdresser told me to take 2 teaspoons of pectin every day. It is supposed to help women with hair and nails as they gracefully age 😋. He did not mention liquid until I'd bought crystals. Sigh.

Thank you all again. Im off to make the conversion.
nmrawker October 15, 2012

My recipe calls for 2 - 3oz Pouches of liquid pectin. I have Ball Instant Pectin - Hardlikarmour doesn't state how many ozs of dry pectin is above. Your help is gratly appreciated! Thank you!

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usuba D. December 13, 2010
There are 2 types of pectin; High methoxy and low methoxy. High is used in jam production. Many pectins for home use are blended with sugar to better dissolve in liquid since pectin can clump very easily when added to liquid. I use to be in the jam business and we would blend our dry pectin with sugar to help prevent clumping. If you bought it in a baking supply, it most likely is pectin without sugar and for use with fruits (jams/preserves/confits). I would blend it with your sugar first, before adding it to any liquids. My experience is powder with always give a better set than liquid. Low methoxy is not good for jam making since it is pH dependent and temperature sensitive.
Gidget December 13, 2010
AntoniaJames, I would love to tell you the brand, but I bought it in bulk packaging from a baking supply house and it is only labeled PECTIN. Oh well.

I will look at the food in jars site. Thank you Always040

And Hardlikearmour, thank you again for the helpful measurements!
AntoniaJames December 13, 2010
I think though that it depends a lot of what kind of powdered pectin you are talking about. Pomona, which has a two-ingredient system, with a different way of using it, would be handled differently. Also, there's a variety of different kinds of powdered pectin (some permitting use of less sugar, etc.). What brand is the powder that you have there? ;o)
always040 December 13, 2010
Sometimes there are minor differences in the set. I find that my ideal set comes from no sugar powdered pectin. Food in Jars is a great resource:
hardlikearmour December 13, 2010
Certo pectin typically comes in a 6 fluid ounce pouch. 1 oz = 2 Tbsp = 4 tsp powdered.
Gidget December 13, 2010
Thank you so much. Question, I have a tub of powdered pectin. What would the measurement of 1 package usually be?
Or do I use 2tsp or whatever my conversion would be and use the same amount of water?
Sorry for the confusion.
hardlikearmour December 13, 2010
1 Tbsp liquid pectin = 2 tsp powdered pectin.
I found this at
How To Convert Powdered Pectin To Liquid Pectin
When you cannot find liquid pectin it is useful to know how to turn the powdered form into liquid. Mix 1 package powdered pectin in 1/2 cup water and boil for 1 minute. Pour into a measuring cup and add enough water to make 1 cup. Use as you would liquid pectin.
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