Can you bake cookies and add protein powder?



CrashKate January 9, 2012
They will get heavy and cake-y. Don't add too much, either remove a bit of flour in its place or add a bit of apple sauce to keep the consistency about the same. Good luck!
Christine H. January 9, 2012
Back in the 70's, there was this "cook book", called "Diet for a Small Planet", Frances Moore Lappe. They added protein to everything. It was kind of pre-protein powder, but most things that are now in the powder, soy, egg whites, dry milk, nut butters blah blah were added.
I can say the results were not so yummy. We would drop in on friends, have tea and be presented with the same disasters that you tried at home. Sigh.
Just know that they will be heavy.
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