I plan to make the Secret Ingredient beef Stew, but halving the amount of beef. Do I halve ALL the rest of the ingredients?



Nazmul H. January 20, 2014
Will try to make a variation of this with more Asian ingredients like Thai fish sauce and blachan instead of anchovies and will also add palm sugar to add a bit of sweetness.
LE B. January 20, 2014
julie, this looks like a particularly delicious recipe and shares many of its ingredients with a boeuf bourgignon. alot of great ingredients. The answer to your question is- how do you want the stew to be? As you can see in her photo, the chef has created a dish with very little liquid (though very flavorful)and a lot of meat. I myself prefer a ton more sauce and a ton more veggies. For 5.5 lb of beef, i would have at least 2 lb of mushrooms, 2 times the carrots and leeks or onions, and 3-4 x the amount of her liquids and aromatics.But that's different from hers. If you want to recreate hers, but have less beef in it, i wouldn't bother to cut all the other ingreds; just leave them the same and you could serve them or set aside some for use later. Btw,anchovies- no one will kinow they're there because they dissolve into the sauce and create some depth and salt in the flavor of the dish (soy sauce/tamari has the same effect.)
I know your guests will be thrilled.
Pegeen January 19, 2014
Yes. You're good to go!
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