Beef Stew seasoning packet for beef and noodles?

I haven't made beef and noodles in a while but I have this beef stew seasoning packet and wanted to try that instead of beef broth or the beef cubes. Would this work? And how much water would I need, I am just making a regular amount with one package of noodles and a can of shredded beef. Thanks in advance



702551 October 17, 2022
If you decide to use the seasoning packet, mix it with a small amount of water and taste it for saltiness and flavor intensity before deciding how to proceed.

It's always easy to add more water. Much harder to fix if you dilute it too much.

In any case, everyone has different ideas of what optimal flavor and salt would be and your goal is to please you and those who will be joining you at your dinner table.

Best of luck.
Complikati October 17, 2022
Gammy October 17, 2022
I would look closely at the ingredient list on the seasoning packet, then decide whether to use it or beef broth/cube and spices from your own shelf.
Complikati October 17, 2022
Nancy October 18, 2022
Yes… the same idea.
I would be cautious about using a seasoning packet - looked at a couple labels and saw mostly salt, chemicals, garlic.
Instead, maybe a simple broth or water and your own choice of spices.
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