A question about a recipe: Short Rib Chili

I want to make the Short Rib Chili gluten free. I am going to leave the stout out-- should i add anything else to make up for its absence? THanks!



bigpan January 21, 2014
If you leave the stout out, who is going to know except you (and us) ! Yes, the taste might be slightly different, but then again you will not know since you have not made the recipe "with" stout.
A splash of a decent red is a good idea.
Personally I have never used stout to do short ribs - or coffee and cocoa (although that might give it a mexican mole' flair).
LeBec F. January 21, 2014
red wine would also work.
ZombieCupcake January 20, 2014
Coffee and cocoa powder would work in its absence.
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