Substitute for Chocolate Stout in the Short Rib Chili Recipe? I can't have beer because of celiac disease

Will the omission of the stout result in less flavor or will it be okay without it?

  • Posted by: Anita
  • September 9, 2013


Anita September 10, 2013
Thanks y'all!!!

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Zensister September 9, 2013
Green's makes a terrific gluten free dark ale with I think sorghum and buckwheat. If you can find it, I'd try that.
Pinch&Swirl September 9, 2013
An equal amount of cold coffee and a teaspoon or more of unsweetened cocoa powder.
ChefJune September 9, 2013
I also cannot have beer, so when I see it in a recipe I sub out wine or stock. Beef stock might be a good sub in this case. The recipe won't raste the same, but you do need the equivalent amount of liquid, and the stock will add good flavor. (or a combo of red wine and stock).
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