Can I make chili oil with fresh chilies?

I've got some fresh chilies I wanted to use for homemade chili oil but all the recipes I've found seem to require dried ones. What would happen if I used fresh ones instead?

Rose Eliza


Valhalla January 27, 2021
I assume you mean Chinese chile oil, in which I have only seen dried chilies used. I typically want mine to last for months, and I would worry fresh chilies could spoil much more quickly. You also heat the oil a good bit before pouring it over the ingredients, and so you'd need to be very very careful--fresh chilies would have moisture.
I use Fuschia Dunlop's recipe, but I add Sichuan peppercorn:
I like a mix of plain sesame oil and peanut oil.
Nancy January 27, 2021
Not all the recipes use dried chiles.
Here's a recipe for preserved chiles in oil which also gives you chile oil.
The homemade oil lasts about 6 months.
If you want another chile condiment, you can make homemade hot sauce from fresh chiles, and keep it a short while in the fridge or longer in the freezer.
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